A foaming gel face wash for fresh, vibrant skin


Feel the fresh effects from our new sulfate-free, cucumber foaming cleanser. This formula features soothing botanical extracts to dimish the apperance of dullness, leaving the skin with a daily cleanse to help hydrate and balance the apperance of the skin tone.


Our new Daily Cleanser is gentle, yet super effective at eliminating dirt, impurities and dry or dead skin cells, providing a refreshing cleansing routine.



-Cleanses and purifies for refreshed skin

-Supports healthy-looking, soft skin

-Helps even and improve the apperance of your skin-tone


8oz Bottle.

CUCUMBER Daily Cleanser

  • Dispense into wet hands/ wet cloth and gently massage the cleanser into skin using circular motions.

    Rinse and follow with TONER and MOISTURIZER!